10 Reasons Why Dog Food (Kibble) Is Better Than Homemade Dog Food

Author: Dheepakh

It is a common practice for Indian pet parents to give their pooches homemade dog food as opposed to dry dog food (also called dog kibble). As holistic as it seems, homemade dog food may not always be the best idea. It does not contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to sustain your dog.

It is tricky to find the right balance between proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Lacking any of these nutrients can deteriorate your dog’s health in the long run.

Dog Kibble vs Homemade dog food
Dog Food (Kibble) vs Homemade Dog Food – Which is better?

Many are under the impression that homemade dog food is cheaper than kibble, but that isn’t always true. Homemade dog food has a very short shelf life and you need to invest a lot of time to prepare it. Even after giving so much time in the production, you may not give your dog an optimum product.

To provide a nutritionally balanced home-cooked meal, you must add supplements to their meal. If you don’t give them the right food, they may have excessive shedding. So, at the end of the day, homemade dog food costs the same if not more.

Buying good quality dog kibble can solve all these issues and have a whole other set of advantages. Keep reading why you should give your pup dry dog food.

Dog Kibble is Customized to Your Dog’s Needs:

Tell us your dog’s requirements and we are sure there is a formula specially designed for them. For instance, large breed puppies, dogs with a long shiny coat, senior dogs, picky eaters, etc., you can find formulas specifically designed for these dogs.

Every dog is unique and so are their needs. When it comes to your pup’s food, you need to be extra careful. Your dog may not react well to certain foods.

Sometimes, the symptoms may be obvious – like excessive hair fall, lethargy and so on. But other times, the symptoms are not at all obvious. Your dog may always be on the thinner side or your dog may get frequent infections. Good quality dry dog food builds their immune system and allows them to be strong dogs.

Kibble comes in various shapes and sizes. You can easily find one for your dog’s specific needs.

Dog Kibble marketed for puppies contains a higher amount of calcium to give them proper bone strength and is gentle on their soft gums. Formulas for older dogs are lower in calories and contains easy-to-digest animal protein to give them the essential amino acids without putting pressure on their hips and paws.

If you want to maintain your dog’s luscious coat, you can get formulas rich in omega fatty acids and if you feel they lack energy, you can buy high-calorie kibble.

There’s something for everyone here!

Ready to Eat Formulas:

Another great thing about dog kibble is that it is super convenient. Unlike homemade dog food, you don’t have to heat kibble or cut it into bite-size pieces.

Since kibble contains lesser than 10% moisture, you need to make sure you hydrate your dog throughout the day. Always keep a bowl of fresh water next to their food bowl. Encourage them to drink water by cleaning and changing their water at least 3-4 times a day.

Easy to feed it to your dog:

Good quality dry dog food is usually quite aromatic for dogs. They don’t need any extra coaxing to have dog kibble. If your dog is showing less interest in dry dog food, you can gradually acclimate them to the product. You can also add warm water to their dog food and leave it for 20 minutes. The hot water will give the pellets a soupy consistency which will stimulate their taste buds.

Other than the struggles with picky eaters, it’s easy to feed kibble. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Usually, small-sized pellets are made for senior dogs with tooth and gum problems and little puppies with developing teeth. Smaller pellets are easier to chew and therefore ideal for puppies and seniors. Larger pellets are made for adult dogs.

Kibbles come with guidelines:

Figuring out the right amount of food your dog needs per day can be tricky, especially if you’re a first-time owner. You don’t want your dog to be malnourished, but you also don’t want them to be obese. Dog Kibble solves this problem too!

Most dry dog food formulas come with guidelines as to how much you can feed your dog. You must read these guidelines to make sure you’re feeding your dog the right amount.

Good for Oral Hygiene:

Dry dog food is known to maintain their dental health as well. Soft dog food leads to plaque and tartar build-up. If the plaque and tartar are allowed to sit on their teeth, they might develop bad breath and other teeth and gum problems.

Chewing dry dog kibble scrubs their gums and teeth and promotes good oral hygiene. Of course, kibble isn’t a replacement for daily brushing, but they do help maintain their pearly whites.

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Easy to Store:

Dog Kibble is sold in sealed packets of various shapes and sizes. They’re light and airy because they lack moisture.

You can store it on the shelf. Once you open a packet, store the remaining formula in an airtight container. Most dog kibble brands put some amount of (natural or artificial) preservatives to prolong their shelf life.

Readily Available:

Dog food is found in abundance in most metropolitan cities. They are sold in pet shops and malls, but you can also buy dog food online. Just like their sizes, they come in a variety of prices.

So, finding the right dry dog food is never really a problem.


Believe it or not but the dog kibble is pocket-friendly as well. They come in different price ranges and you can easily find good quality products on low, medium, and high price ranges.

Also, since the product saves preparation time as in the case of homemade dog food, it does turn out to be pocket-friendly in the long run.

Ideal for Travelling:

Kibble packets come in a variety of sizes, from a 100gm packet to a 12kg pack, you can find dog kibble in whatever size you need.

If you’re traveling with your dog, you can easily find an appropriate travel size pack and carry it with you wherever you go. You can also carry it in a small, air-tight Tupperware container.

Nutritionally Balanced:

We often take for granted the fact that good quality dog kibble is nutritionally balanced. A lot of research goes into making the perfect dry dog food. Yes, we agree that not all dog food formulas are good for your dog. That is why it is important to be able to read dog food labels.

Companies that are determined to provide your pet with a wholesome diet will produce formulas catered to different dog needs. Some dogs are allergic to certain meats, they would typically need a single meat formula.

For all other dogs, multi-meat formulas are a preferred choice. Every protein has different minerals to offer. For instance, fish meat is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which is good for their fur, eyes and brain. Pork contains high amounts of thiamine which converts carbohydrates into essential sources of energy. Poultry meat is easy to digest and contains high amounts of creatine.

So, it’s ideal to switch it up and give healthy dogs a multi-meat recipe. It is near impossible to cook a multi-meat recipe. You may spend hours trying to cook a healthy formula and fail. But with a good quality product at hand you don’t have to do a whole lot – just scoop and serve.

Whenever you buy dog food, read the label on the packet. It lists the ingredients in descending order. If your dog has specific needs, you can pick formulas that suit them. The best thing is, you can pick the right product just by browsing through the ingredient list.

Top 5 Best Dog Food Brands in India
Top 5 Best Dog Food Brands in India

Conclusion: Dog Kibble vs Homemade Dog Food

Every pet parent wants their pets to be healthy. Dry dog food may be the best time saving, economical and nutritionally balanced product for your fur baby. All you have to do is scoop and serve!

About the Author:

Dheepakh is a dedicated pet parent. His love for his dogs turned him into a pet food enthusiast. Now, he owns a Grain-Free Dog Food company, Goodness Pet food, and has dedicated his life to understanding pet food nutrition. He is eager to learn every day and create the best formulas for our furry friends.

Review: Goodness Grain Free Salmon Formula 26% Protein

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Goodness Grain-Free Dog Food - Premium Quality Dog Kibble

Goodness is relatively new compared to some of the well-known brands in India. It is available in a variety of offerings and is suitable for puppies to adults and for small to large breed dogs. Being grain-free is a major forte and the USP of the brand. It claims to contain high-quality ingredients and well-balanced nutritional supplements to suit your pooch’s well being and growth. The Fish recipe formula has Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are essential for skin and eye development and the protein content is about 26% – one of the highest available in the dog foods in the market. I would say it worth buying if you want the best for your dog.

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