Dogs Unconditional Love – 10 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Ever wondered what your dog would tell you if it could talk? What does a dog ask in return for Dogs Unconditional Love? Here are some of the things your dog wishes you knew:

What a dog asks for in return for Dogs Unconditional Love

This video made me very emotional. Do watch it till the end.

  1. You are my first love and my last – unconditionally! Love me, pet me, cuddle me – I love those belly rubs – in return for Dog Unconditional Love.
  2. Please stay with me – Don’t leave me alone all day long.
  3. Please don’t beat me – I can’t do things that you can’t teach me.
  4. Please feed me well and healthy – your love for my food causes me to gain more weight.
  5. Help me stay healthy – exercise me, walk me, play with me.
  6. I love those treats but only occasionally – They are my fast food.
  7. I love playdates. I love socializing. But make sure my date doesn’t bully me.
  8. I am not aggressive by nature. I am insecure and unsure. Be patient with me.
  9. If I am old, I am slow, I am less responsive, but I still love you. Please care for me.
  10. I am a dog forever but you are my family until I die, so don’t abandon me when I am old.

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