Dogs Unconditional Love – 10 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Ever wondered what your dog would tell you if it could talk? What does a dog ask in return for Dogs Unconditional Love? Here are some of the things your dog wishes you knew:

What a dog asks for in return for Dogs Unconditional Love

This video made me very emotional. Do watch it till the end.

  1. You are my first love and my last – unconditionally! Love me, pet me, cuddle me – I love those belly rubs – in return for the Dogs Unconditional Love.
  2. Please stay with me – Don’t leave me alone all day long.
  3. Please don’t beat me – I can’t do things that you can’t teach me.
  4. Please feed me well and healthy – your love for my food causes me to gain more weight.
  5. Help me stay healthy – exercise me, walk me, play with me.
  6. I love those treats but only occasionally – They are my fast food.
  7. I love playdates. I love socializing. But make sure my date doesn’t bully me.
  8. I am not aggressive by nature. I am insecure and unsure. Be patient with me.
  9. If I am old, I am slow, I am less responsive, but I still love you. Please care for me.
  10. I am a dog forever but you are my family until I die, so don’t abandon me when I am old.
Dogs are friendly with babies too and the dogs unconditional love is unquestionable.
Dogs unconditional love

Are dogs really unconditionally loving in nature?

The loyalty of dogs is unquestionably portrayed in stories, books, movies, etc. It has been over 1000s of year documented fact that dogs do consider us humans are their partners or pack members. This is construed as loyalty by humans.

Nonetheless, it is true that a dog is generally very “kind enough” to the owner to love and show emotional bonding. It is very well known that dogs can sense their owner’s state of mental status and may react accordingly.

Dogs live “in the moment” meaning previous incidents of the owner being bad to them are “forgiven” by the loyal dog. However, this is not so much true because dogs also react to the owner’s state of mind. My dog would rather stay away from me if I am mad at something and very reactive, compared to say if I am in a more loveable and cuddly mood.

Lifelong though, the dog is always by the side of the owner and this really creates a lasting relationship between the owner and the dog. The love comes from within us. The dog is just being itself.

What do you feel about your dog? Do comment below and let us know your thoughts about how your dog feels about you 🙂

do dogs love us unconditionally?

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