20 Interesting Golden Retriever Fun Facts about Angel

Angel is my golden retriever and there are a few things that I thought you would like to know, so I wrote a blog on the interesting golden retriever fun facts about her that you did not know.

20 Interesting Golden Retriever Fun Facts

  1. Angel is a pure-breed Golden Retriever and we got her 6-years ago.
  2. When we went to the breeder to get a dog, there were only 2 puppies – A male and a female. We got the female a.k.a. Angel.
  3. Angel’s original name was Ruby.
  4. Angel presently is 37 kg and is the biggest golden retriever in our housing complex (She is the biggest female golden retriever that I have actually ever seen!)
  5. When she is hungry, she comes to us and stares at us, but when we put food in her bowl, she goes out and sits for some time. Only then she comes and eats it.
Golden Retriever Fun Facts
Angels have Fur – Golden Retrievers
  1. She is very excitable but has very low energy. 
  2. She sheds quite a lot but only a couple of times a year, and we need to comb her almost every day. (Check out the dog grooming tools dog comb, undercoat rake and nail clippers we use for her.)
  3. She used to hate swimming and also taking baths as a puppy, but now she is an expert swimmer.
  4. She is a foodie and likes human food more than pet food.
  5. She is active and likes playing only after 8:30 pm (after her dinner). During this time, we play fetch with her in our house and I train her for some tricks and obedience.
  6. She is very flexible in terms of time. She doesn’t wake us up in the morning but waits patiently until we take her for a walk.
  7. When she wants something and is irritated, she has this weird way of barking- she barks once, lifts her right paw up. barks again lifts her other front paw up. It’s as if she is doing a synchronized paw dance 🙂 (Learn about what dog treats we give her.)
  8. She loves eating grass. (she is a grass-eating donkey) Just kidding;-)
  9. The first day we got her, she was so scared and anxious that she fell sick and started vomiting. She even went under the bed and would not come out for an hour until we pulled her out.
  10. I had initially planned on naming her Candy but ended up calling her Angel. This is because when my friends came home to meet my new puppy, they asked me what I had named her and I said she is like an Angel, and so the name stuck.
Exercising Golden Retrievers with balls fetch game
Exercising Golden Retrievers with balls fetch game
  1. She is so lazy that she is becoming fat (unless we give her treats to play) 😉
  2. She has so many other weird names and the weird part is that she responds to all of them!
  3. Lots of kids come to our house to pet and play with Angel and spend time with her.
  4. Usually, on walks, she does not spot cats, but when we say the word, she realizes and starts chasing it!
  5. She hates the tick treatment and if she smells it, she runs away.
Damsel and Angel - Golden Retriever Diaries
Golden Retrievers are excitable

So that’s the long list of golden retriever fun facts for you all pet lovers. Comment and let me know what you liked the most.

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