5 Fun Things to do in Lockdown with your Dog

Hello, my Golden fans! This is Angel, the Golden Retriever, giving you the latest ‘pupdates’ on my fabulous life about things to do in lockdown!

I know that life has been tough in the past few weeks and you and your Doggo are getting’ really bored sitting at home. I mean, what’s better than going out and exploring places outdoors and having fun with your friends isn’t it?

5 Fun Things to do in Lockdown with your Dog

But that’s not to be now when you are supposed to stay indoors. But don’t worry friend, I gotcha! Today, I will be sharing with you some amazing and fun things that you can do with your Doggo during lockdown!

Play Hide and Seek

This has been one of my favorite things to do. It’s so much fun! So basically, my hooman carries a few pieces of treats and hides somewhere in the house. I’m made to sit and stay in a place where I can’t see her until she hides. Then, after she is done hiding, she calls my name and my quest for her (no just kidding I just find her for the treats) begins!

Play Hide and Seek with your Dog at Home

I run around the house using my amazing sense of smell to find my tasty treat, sorry, my amazing Hooman!

Teach your pooch a few Easy Dog Tricks

One of the more fun things to do in lockdown is that you can do at home is to teach a few easy tricks to your dog.

It increases the IQ of your dog, it creates a bonding between you too and it’s fun! Honestly speaking, I do the tricks that my Hooman asks me to do only if I am rewarded with treats. Otherwise, I am very stubborn and won’t listen to her. *hehe

Do a Dress-up Dog Photoshoot

Dress up your dog during lockdown
Dress up your dog during lockdown

My Hooman took so many good photos of me during the lockdown. She made me wear so many weird non- Doggo stuff that was so not comfortable. But, guess what, she gave me treatos in the end. So, obviously I let her dress me up and I posed as best as I can. It was so much fun! You should try it too!

Get yourself Groomed

I mean, yourself as in your dog, not you. What if there are Doggos reading this? I meant it’s for them. Wellโ€ฆ if you are a hooman, get your dog groomed, and, maybe yourself too. But Doggos first, mind you.
Hey! We gotta impress the ladies too!

Browse through Old Pictures

This is one of my Hooman’s favorite past times honestly. She loves going through old pictures and videos of us together. And then when she finds some cute or funny picture, she shows it to me and starts blabbering something as if I’m gonna understand whatever she is saying. So, I just look at her as if she has gone nuts. Which she has. But she still keeps blabbering, not understanding my expression. What can I do?
So that’s about as much I can tell you. Find your own thing. Do things you love when you are locked down in your home during the lockdown. Stay Safe. Stay Indoors. Peace!

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