Damsel and Angel - Golden Retriever Diaries

Damsel and Angel website is all about an Indian girl who calls herself Damsel and loves dogs, specifically her Golden Retriever named Angel, who follows her like a shadow everywhere she goes. This website will have golden retriever related information, dog training, dog food and dog toys, product reviews, vlogs, fun stuff, and funny dog videos, and Damsel’s thoughts. Damsel loves to train her golden retriever, Angel, and teach her a few dog tricks.

Damsel also loves cooking and reads voraciously. Watch out for vlogs from Damsel’s day to day life too on our Youtube Channel

Growing up together has never been so much fun for Damsel and Angel.

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Disclaimer: The information provided through this article and website is based on our personal experience with our golden retriever. Research and a good amount of study over the years have led us to form an opinion. This must not be construed as professional advice.