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Welcome to Damsel and Angel. This website is the place where you can find informational content about me and my golden retriever dog, Angel. I adopted Angel in 2016 and she is my first pet.

When I laid my hands on a diary, I was 7 years old, little did I know that I would fill up 8-10 diaries over the years and a blog about my dog several years later!

Golden Retriever Fun Facts
Angels have Fur – Golden Retrievers

I have always loved literature. From writing stories to reading stories. I have done it all. And my love for it has only grown over the years. I have a huge bookshelf where I store all my books, and I have read them all! TBR (To be read) books are a rarity in my collection 😉

I started to ask my parents for a puppy after reading books about adventures with dogs. Then one day, they surprised me with a cute little Golden Retriever! It was the happiest day of my life! I named her Angel because she looks and behaves just like one. All that she is missing is a halo 😊

Why this Website

My dad built this website (and also contributes a lot to it) and gifted it to me on my 13th birthday so that I could pen down all my memories with Angel and share my experiences. I also have a YouTube channel where I make videos with my dog.

I started sharing my experiences of the life I share with Angel. We have done so many things together and we have had so much fun. Along the way, I realized I needed to share a bit about how we have been taking care of Angel, and so I have started focusing on writing about things you may be interested about owning a large dog like Golden Retriever.

You can find articles about dog food, Golden Retriever habits, dog training, casual experiences, pet product reviews, and a lot more on this website.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on the blog: Golden Retriever Guide, Golden Retriever Training, Best Dog Food tips, Dog Product Reviews

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About Angel

One thing that you might want to know about Angel is that she is a big foodie. She won’t obey your commands (like most dogs) unless you promise to give her a treat. I bet she would just go wagging her tail to a burglar to go get some pettings 😀 and if he offers her some treats!!!

All that she needs in her life is food and pettings. She is always happy and satisfied if she gets to eat yummy food and gets loads of love. She has separation anxiety and can’t stay away from us for a long period of time.

She is very submissive and has never even growled at anyone in her life. Sometimes she gets startled when she hears weird or loud sounds. She especially gets very scared when firecrackers are burst around her. She loves running around and exploring new places. She also found her new love for swimming recently.

We give her food 2 times daily. We also give her some snacks in the afternoon. Find out more about Angel’s food habits here.

Her favorite past-time is to stare at people and kids walk and play from the balcony. Many people call her from the below and she goes running to the balcony to say ‘hi’ to them. She is everyone’s favorite and the friendliest dog ever!

You can read some more of Angel’s Interesting Golden Retriever Facts here.

I make videos about our life together and how it is living with a big breed in India. I started this blog to help others understand what it is to adopt a dog and all the challenges that you might face through their lifetime.

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Wishing you Happy Pet Parenting journey! XOXO

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Disclaimer: The information provided through this website is based on our personal experience with our golden retriever. Research and a good amount of study over the years have led us to form an opinion. This must not be construed as professional advice.