Angel celebrates her Best Dog Birthday Party

OMG! Angel just turned 4! Her birthday is on August 5th. Her previous birthdays were very simple and I’d just made a cake for her, and we had a very small party. This birthday, I wanted it to be AWESOME and the best dog birthday party! So, I planed an amazing dog birthday party for Angel. We planned an early morning outing to Cubbon park.

Cubbon park has a small area for dogs to play during the weekends. It is called the Weekend Dog park Cubbon park. I wanted Angel to run around and have fun with other dogs. Our apartment has many dogs, and we decided to take them along too. 5 dogs came with us. A Doberman, a black Labrador, a beagle, and a Cocker spaniel.

Best Dog Birthday Party

It was a pretty long drive but it was worth it. We reached there at around 7:55 am. The car parking only opened at 8:00 am, so we had to wait a bit. During this time, all the dogs met each other and just made sure all the dogs were their friends. There was also a poor stray dog and all these dogs just barked at it mercilessly and that poor dog got scared and ran away. I really feel bad for it 🙁

Most of you guys know Angel’s excitement. When she met the dogs, she got super excited and started running in circles. But she could not run freely and she had her leash on. I was trying to make her understand that she can run after some time freely in the dog park but she would not listen. We had to walk a bit inside to reach the dog park and when we reached Angel had lost all her energy and even we were tired of holding her.

best dog birthday party
Angel had the best Dog Birthday Party this year

When we reached, all the humans were talking and she just came and sat in the middle panting. I literally got so angry at her! OMG! When we want her to run she does not run. When we don’t want her to run then she does run! I did not want all the preparations and planning to go to waste. So I grabbed a piece of dog treat and called her.

Well..she did come (If you want Angel to do anything, just ANYTHING, show her a treat and she will do it) I walked her off-leash and made her meet and interact with other dogs that came to the dog park. There were so many dogs! About 50! I even saw many breeds of dogs that I had never seen. From Great Danes to Chihuahuas. I saw them all. This was going to be the best dog birthday party ever for Angel.

I even saw some show dogs that were doing amazing tricks. By the way, Angel’s parents were also show dogs! So even she has the capability to become one! Anyways, finally, after some time she ran a bit and I was satisfied. I always wanted to go on an off-leash walk with Angel. My dream ‘almost’ came true! (almost because I could only do it for some time and she kept running away) LOL! But something is better than nothing.

Guys… Do NOT attempt to give away the secret that I am going to tell you. If you are the person I am talking about….I AM SORRY! There was this handsome black German shepherd that was insanely running to fetch a ball for his master. There was also a man who was selling tea at the dog park.

This dog was so faithful that nothing could stop it from getting the ball. Unfortunately, the master threw the ball by mistake towards the man selling tea, and the dog went running madly towards it. As I told you, even the tea-seller could not stop it, and then…KABOOM! the German Shepard knocked over the man, and he was on the ground. I felt very sorry for the tea-seller.

Angel has such a fan-following that she even got a dog birthday gift! Her friend, the Doberman gave her a bone and another toy. Unfortunately, the bone’s fate was in Angel’s hands, and she decided that it must end up in her stomach soon after. And it did. I also got her a rope as a present, and we even got a whole lot of treats for her.

We ended up having a whole lot of fun, and it was a great experience for Angel and even for the other dogs. I hope Angel has this amount of fun every year. This is all for today. Bye.

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