Best Tools for Dog Grooming at Home

One of the toughest dog grooming at home task is how to trim or clip dog nails! Today, being a Sunday, after Angel’s bath we brushed her using dog brush Wahl undercoat rake and clipped her nails because of dog nails too long using Wahl EZ-Nail nail clippers. This dog clippers have pet nail grinder included in it and can be used as a pet nail file. Wahl manufactures some of the best dog grooming tools including best dog nail clippers and trimmers, dog undercoat rake, dog grooming comb, dog brushes for long-haired dogs. Wahl is best known for Furminator used by professionals for dog grooming. This undercoat rake is like a professional dog grooming brushes effective dog combs for shedding. Dog training to tolerate and accept grooming by the owner is a challenge, but builds trust and bond between the dog owner and the dog.

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