Buying a Dog Bed? Check out 5 Best Selling Large Dog Beds in India

These are the 5 Best Selling Large Dog Beds in India

Large Dog BedRatingBuy
1Gorgeous Soft Reversible Dual Bed for Dog⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
2Gorgeous Soft Reversible Cats and Dogs Bed⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
3Mellifluous Dog and Cat Fur Pet Bed⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
4Hiputee Luxurious Dog Bed⭐⭐⭐Check Price
5Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed⭐⭐⭐Check Price
6AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Top 5 Best Large Dog Beds

Angel, our golden retriever, has never had a thing for dog beds but then she never likes to curl up into a cozy place too. She is more like the lemme-stretch-up-on-the-floor type, so buying a dog bed has never been on her wishlist.

We’ve trained her not to climb up on cots and sofas, so she sleeps perfectly fine on the floor. However, she does have her own ottoman that she loves to climb up on to and relax while she is awake.

Angel did have her own dog bed though. We got a large dog bed for her to sleep in, and she loved it too – to tear and rip it apart and then go sleep on the floor… ROFL!!!

Buying Dog Beds for Large Dogs India 2020
A Guide to Buying Dog Beds for Large Dogs

But most dogs are like own children, and they depend on us for everything. It is important to understand that as a dog parent, you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your furry friend. Dogs need a designated place to sleep and relax where they feel comfortable.

Now as Angel is aging, we are wondering if she’ll be able to climb up onto the ottoman as her joints become weak and sore. It will be important for us that when buying a dog bed, we will need to train her to sleep on a soft surface.

Hard Floor may not be good for an old dog – It may further cause her more pain and joint soreness unless we alleviate the pressure points with a proper dog bed meant for a large breed like golden retrievers.

Choosing the right dog bed is important for your dog to have a comfortable sleep. Buying a dog bed is not very easy. It’s not just the size that you should look for.

There are many factors like
– Durability (dog loves to dig and tear into their beds)
– Comfort (cheap beds don’t have soft bottom)
– Design (should be easy to get into and out, sidewalls should be rounded for the dog to rest their head on to)
– Washability (this is pretty obvious – but many times, the stuffing does not allow this), apart from being attractive and inviting.

Let’s check out the Top 5 Best Selling Dog Beds Online in India.

Are you in the market for buying a dog bed? To help you in selecting the perfect bed for your furry friend, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 best dog beds in India. We have considered durability, quality, design, size, comfort, and other features so that you can easily pick the one that suits your dog.

Please note, some beds may not be durable and strong enough to withstand the force of digging and tearing apart which large dogs tend to do so often. If your dog tends to be destructive with beds, we recommend a design like AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Dog Bed. This design has replaceable mesh fabric made of PVC and is difficult to tear. You can change it easily if at all it is torn.

These are the Best Selling Dog Beds for Large Dogs in India

Gorgeous Soft Reversible Dual Bed for Dog

Gorgeous Soft Reversible Dual Dog Bed

The Gorgeous soft dog bed is one of the most comfortable beds and is designed to give your furry pal maximum comfort and space. This bed is durable, reversible, and easy to wash. It has great thermal qualities and is suitable for all climates.

The outside is made tough and is water-resistant with a tear-resistant cover. The elevated sides create a pillow for your pup to rest their head on after a long day. The Gorgeous dog bed is a perfect choice for pet parents looking for something that will last!

● Color: Yellow and black
● Water-resistant
● Easy to clean
● Suitable for all climates
● Ultra-soft and comfy
● Portable
● Material: Velvet Touch Ultra Soft Fabric

Gorgeous Soft Reversible Cats and Dogs Bed

Gorgeous Soft Reversible Dog Bed

The Gorgeous soft bed is one of the best beds for your four-legged friend. The dog gets the best way to relax and recharge for their activities. The bed comes in a simple yet stylish and comfortable design.

The dog bed is made from soft and durable material tends to be cozier and easier on their joints. Your pooch can rest their heads on the elevated sides. The outside of the bed is water-resistant and washable in case of any accidents.

● Material: Velvet touch
● Durable
● Easy to clean
● Portable
● Suitable for all climates
● Water-resistant
● Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 23 cm; 1.9 kg

Mellifluous Dog and Cat Fur Pet Bed

Mellifluous Dog and Cat Fur Pet Bed

The Mellifluous dog bed is a soft, cozy, and welcoming place for your furry pal to relax and sleep. It is lightweight and ideal for most standard folding metal dog crates, dog carriers, and dog houses.

The dog bed comes in a rectangular shape and three different sizes. It is made of polyester with overstuffed bolsters around the perimeter and offers head and neck support. It is perfect for someone who wants to give them the same luxury without paying a huge amount of money.

● Material: Fur bed
● Provide safety and comfort
● Nest-like sidewalls
● Compact design
● Portable and lightweight
● Durable
● Suitable for all climates
● Dimensions: Small- LXBXH (22X13X2) inch

Hiputee Luxurious and Durable Polyester Filled Soft Dog Bed

Hiputee Luxurious and Durable Polyester Filled Soft Dog Bed

Hiputee Luxurious dog bed is ideal for medium or large size dogs like Golden Retrievers. The bed is made of high-quality materials and is very easy to clean.

This luxurious dog bed has a round shape design with elevated sides to create a place for your dog to relax. The bottom part of the bed is made up of a non-slippery insulating material and is ideal for indoor use. The bed has a polyester filling and topped with plush. This makes the bed durable and comfortable.

● Color: black
● Filled with ultra-soft fiber
● Suitable for all climates
● Machine washable
● Dimensions : 65 x 65 x 20 cm; 998 Grams
● Velvet touch in round shape sofa design
● Topped with plush
● Safe and comfortable
● Cozy, breathable, and warm

Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed

Fluffy's Luxurious Dog Bed

This Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed is soft and gentle against your dog’s skin and is available in black color. The stuffing contains durable polyester with overstuffed bolsters and is made from soft synthetic fur.

Fluffy’s Luxurious Dog Bed is machine-washable and very light and easy to carry around. It is perfect for dog crates and dog beds. This bed is ideal for folks who are on a budget. It has elevated sides which the dog can use to rest its head.

● Color: black
● Ultra-soft synthetic fur
● Ideal for xs dog breeds
● Suitable for dog crates and sog houses
● Perfect for traveling
● Suitable for all climates
● Easy maintenance and machine washable
● Dimensions : 55.9 x 40.6 x 35.6 cm; 500 Grams
● Rectangular shape
● Material: polyester with overstuffed bolsters
● Safe and comfortable
● Soft and cozy

AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

This seemingly simple and unappealing dog bed is actually the most durable and comfortable bed for senior dogs and large breed dogs. It is portable and easy to assemble. You could spread a dog blanket over it for added comfort. This bed has breathable mesh fabric and is elevated above the ground, so it’s good for summers tool

• Color: Green/Gray/White Fabric with black frame
• Suitable for senior dogs.
• Durable mesh fabric.
• Cool during summers.
• Portable and easy to assemble.
• Wide variety of sizes available.
• Simple design but most efficient.

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Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed for Large Dogs

There are many options for buying a dog bed that anyone can get confused easily. The most important point being, do not go by the looks. The most beautiful and comfy looking dog bed might turn out to be just a pile of fluff that’s destroyed in minutes or flattens out within a week.

Below are some of the points highlighting what should be taken into consideration before buying a dog bed that’s best suited for your dog – This decision must be based on the size of the dog, age, comfort, durability, and design.

Age of Dog

While buying a dog bed, we oftentimes ignore this very important factor. Let me break this up for you – and it may come as a surprise to some – Middle-aged to Senior Dogs need a well-cushioned dog bed more than a puppy needs one.

Unfortunately, many pet owners are over enthusiastic to buy a bed for a puppy and often times ignore older dogs.

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While puppies may need a cozy corner, they do not need a cushioned surface. Puppies can curl up on a mat, a rug, or a blanket but they need to be closer to you to feel secure. On the other hand, senior dogs have sore joints and bones. Hard surfaces may do more harm to them and hence need a soft, cushioned bed.

This is more true for larger breeds that tend to have “bone problems” and heavier ones require support with extra-cushioning for their comfort and relaxation. In short, buying a dog bed for a Senior Dog is more important than for a puppy.

Buying a Dog Bed for Large Dogs that are Old is more important than for a Puppy.


The bed design should be selected on how your dog likes sleeping and resting. The bed should be portable and easy to clean and should be water-resistant. An attractive looking dog bed with a colorful design may be uncomfortable for the dog because it may not dissipate the heat or the material may not be durable or it may not provide adequate support.

Consider the climate in your region and select the bed suited for your climate. The popular designs are burrowing beds, orthopedic sofa dog beds, pillow bed, dog cot, and elevated beds.


Dog beds come in multiple sizes that start from tiny beds for toy breeds and pups and go to XX-large for large and giant breeds. You must measure your dog’s weight and size before you buy a bed. It should be of appropriate size and adequately accommodate your dog’s entire body so that your dog fits in his bed comfortably.

Comfortable Stuffing

After hours of playing, exercise, and walk, your dog needs well-deserved rest. The bed stuffing should provide ultimate comfort and good support to your furry pal. There are many options for dog bed stuffing including foam, synthetic fleece, cotton, viscoelastic mattress.

Choose the one that provides a good balance between support and comfort and enough heat dissipation during summers.


Dog beds should be durable, yet comfortable. The material used in the dog bed should be easy to clean, safe, and free of harmful chemicals with side effects. There are multiple options including synthetic leather or canvas, water-proof fabrics, wood, plastic. Recommend buying soft fabric as opposed to faux leather or synthetic materials as these tend to “heat up” in summers.


By now, you must have a good idea of the essential features to look for when considering the best dog bed in India. With that information, you’re now better equipped to find the right bed for your pooch that provides optimal comfort for him to relax and sleep.

Having the responsibility of taking care of your dog makes your life more meaningful. Use our picks as a guide as it’s never too late to buy a perfect dog bed for his well-being and good health!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful! Do comment down below your thoughts and questions. Would love to hear from you!

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