Can Dogs eat Ice?

Can dogs eat ice? What do you think? There are conflicting opinions on this matter. But overall the consensus is that they can eat cold food stuff.

Yes, it is safe for dogs to eat ice, but too much is not really desirable as this post from says:

It is summer, and just like we humans need some refreshment, even dogs need some refreshment too!! Especially golden retrievers and other snow dogs. It is so hot during the summers in India that some dogs even die because of the intense heat. YES! they do! The poor dogs are tied up all day or they are caged in a very small crate/cage. They are not even given enough food or water. If you have a dog, please keep it refreshed throughout the day. And PLEASE!! do not tie up the dog. It makes them restless, insecure and if tied up for a long duration, it can even become aggressive. How would you feel if you were tied up all day outside in the heat and the rain??

You would make your dog happy by treating them with these cool summer treats, especially for dogs. These are simple and easy that a kid can make and it’s a fun activity too.

And also, there should always be a bowl full of drinking water the whole day and it must not be out of reach of the dog. Your dog should always have access to water. I don’t mean that by keeping it refreshed you need to keep feeding it ice throughout the day.

Especially don’t give it right after it has played or when it is tired. Give it ice when it is calm and not very active or tired. It is because of the same reason why elders tell you not to drink water right after you come back from playing. You have to wait for some time.

But Angel – my golden retriever – surely loves ice. I even give it as a treat after I make her do some tricks. Ice is even better than treats because if you give your dog a lot of treats then it might become fat. Ice is just plain water, and it is obvious that there is no chance of the dogs becoming overweight. Obesity in dogs also leads to health issues when they become old.

But make sure you don’t give your dog too much ice because too much of anything is not good. So, give your dog ice if you want to, but not too much because it simply might not be good for the teeth and it might be too cold and cause discomfort in the mouth.

Hope this blog helped you in any way (even for entertainment) 😉 I will be posting blogs about dogs some more. So stay tuned. I am not trying to teach or anything because I am not a professional. But I just want to share some things that I know about dogs. Bye!

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