Can I Train a Dog at Home? Truth will Surprise you!

I always wanted Angel to become a show dog. Even her parents were golden retriever show dogs and they had won many awards, but I wondered can I train a dog at home as I wanted the family tradition to keep going! I don’t have so much time to train her because of school and stuff but surely I will do it someday. All this got into my head because of an incident.

Train a Dog at Home? Possible?

Dog Agility Training
I trained my golden retriever at home

I was casually doing my school work and Angel started barking. She was doing that mostly because she had a lot of energy in her and she wanted to play. I could not concentrate on my school work so I thought it would be better if I played with her.

I do dog training by playing fetch with her every day in our home, and we take her to walks twice a day. But I wanted to do something different. In the agility centers, the dog trainers use a pole and the dog must jump above it. We don’t have all that equipment. Even if I bought it, I don’t have a backyard to keep it as I live in an apartment.

As we don’t have any agility equipment for dog training, you can make your own simple DIY equipment to train a dog at home!

How I train my golden retriever at home

Then my creative side of the brain started working. If you have seen my very first videos, you might have seen a long wooden stick that was making Angel scared out of her wits. Even if you have not seen it now you know that she is very scared of it.

I just cleared out some space in my house. Then I kept 2 chairs opposite to each other. In between them, I kept that pole which she is scared of. So it kind of became like a limbo game. But in this, we have to jump above it. So I just grabbed some dog treats, put Angel on the dog leash, and then motivated her to eat some treats near the pole.

When she was confident enough, I pulled her gently towards it and went to the other side of the pole. Then I dropped some more dog treats beside me and told her to take it. She tried to go around the pole but I did not let her. Gradually she jumped over it! I was so happy. One step has been climbed to reach the point of her becoming a show dog.  I did that many times, and she mastered it real quick.

Then the next challenge was to do it off-leash. I removed her leash and made her follow me. Then I ran and jumped over the pole. And eventually, she followed me!! I was extremely happy and she had really impressed me that day. Maybe with enough dog training, she will become a show dog one day!

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