Curious and Funny Puppy

Puppies are bundles of joy and energy…so much so that you would find it hard to keep up to their levels!!! Puppies have boundless energy and a curious and funny puppy is actually because of its stubbornness and enthusiasm for your affection. A few months old puppies of a larger breed may look grown-up, but the development lasts from birth to a year or even two before he’s considered an adult dog.

When the puppies are awake, every moment is spent in play, which is great fun to watch but hard to keep up to. Puppies learn how to do important dog activities like running, chasing, biting, pawing, and fighting. Social skills are learned by interaction with other puppies, dogs, humans, and other animals and the environment.

Hence exposure to various places, people, animals, things, and situations is of utmost importance. Training in puppyhood is essentially a combination of all of these and you will have a confident and happy dog for life!!! This is a compilation of Angel, the Golden Retriever puppy, as she sees life through various objects around her.

Chasing cars or any other moving object like real cars, bikes, running kids, small animals, or other dogs is inherently instinctual to the dogs. Chasing is the dog’s natural prey drive while playing or hunting.

Historically, dogs have been selectively bred and the instinctual qualities “keyed in” into different breeds for either hunting, herding, guarding, or retrieving. The dogs are naturally wired to follow in hot pursuit of any moving objects or living beings. Hence chasing need not be “taught” to the puppies.

Actually, in certain cases, the chasing becomes an obsessive issue and could cause trouble to the pet owners or the dogs themselves. Train your dog to stop chasing and control its instinctual urge to stop chasing early on by using sit and stay commands and prevent inappropriate chasing habits. Always use a dog leash to prevent any untoward incident outdoors.

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