Do Dogs Like Music?

Do you love listening to music? For many people, each song evokes a different emotion in their hearts. Ever wondered if your pet feels the same way? Dog Dogs like Music? Here are the answers!

Do Dogs Like Music?
Dog Dogs Like Music

Do Dogs like music?

Yes! You are lucky if you are a music lover too! Your pooch does like music, but it depends on the type. I read online that a group of people played different kinds of music in a shelter and the dogs responded differently! When they played some pop and radio shows, the dogs didn’t seem to mind that much, but when they played heavy metal, there was more barking and the dogs seemed to be stressed and anxious.

Guess what! When they played some soft classical music, the dogs seemed to be calmer than usual and were more relaxed! So I guess you now know your dog’s favorite genre. If you are a heavy metal fan, it would be better if you put on some headphones or lower the volume. Or maybe you could just play it a little away from your dog. However, the dogs seem to “learn” to listen to music and over a period of time some of the dogs who are used to listening to the loud music and probably wouldn’t mind.

You might not know this, there are special kinds of music made just for dogs! 

Your dog will absolutely love these:

Music for Dogs

What about Cats? Do Cats Like Music?

Cats do enjoy music, but not our kind of music. A study recently published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science says that cats only enjoy species-specific music.

dogs like music
Do Dogs Like Music?

In the study, the cat songs were played back to 47 domestic cats, and the researchers watched how the felines reacted compared to when they listened to two classical human songs. Most of the cats preferred the cat songs. None of them were really interested in human ones.

There are many songs made for cats (species-specific).

Here is one song that the cats loved:

Cozmo’s Air

Find out if your cat likes it and let me know!

Music for Hamsters to Horses

What about small Hamsters and big horses and other animals you could ask.

Well, some owners choose to play music to their hamsters in order to tame them and calm them down when they are anxious or stressed. (When the hamsters are stressed, not the humans 😅😛)

Researchers found out that peaceful, instrumental music is very effective in calming rodents. Some even said that their hamster fell asleep listening to classical music. They found out that rock or fast-paced music makes them more active, but it might have consequences in the long term. You can play the piano, violin, saxophone, or cello for your hamster. He will like it.

Horses too respond to music. Janet Marlow discovered that horses respond best to music with short melodies and short rhythmic patterns. She says that playing classical or country music at a low volume will have a positive effect on calming your horse while eating, resting, or grooming.

I love music and now you know the type of music that your pet prefers. Hope this blog helped you. What music you would like to play next to your pet?

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