Dog Birthday Party was not Celebrated but a Surprise in store

Golden Retriever Newsletter #1

I turned 5 years on the 5th of August 2019, but that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is…my birthday was not interesting! My hoomans for the first time did not celebrate my birthday by throwing up a dog birthday party!

Hello my Golden fans! I am Angie the Golden providing you interesting stories about my life.

My previous Dog Birthday Party

Last year my hoomans took me and ‘furrends’ to an amazing dog park and it was so much fun! All my friends had come and I made some new friends too! I even got birthday presents. But this year it was no fun.

This year, I was very moody and didn’t eat my food. But that’s because I was bored with the same dog food that my hoomans get me. I mean, who can eat the same food over and over again for a long time?

As it was my birthday, I demanded some yummy food, like cakes or eggs. Yum! Even thinking about it makes me drool😋🤤🤤. I did this by protesting and not eating my plain ol’ food. But then guess what! My hoomans did not even give me a crumb of yummy food! I was disgusted so I just slept all day.

I did some eavesdropping the day before and got to know that my sister was gonna do a YouTube live video on my birthday and give me some cake! She was also gonna organize a photoshoot with me and my bae- Dream! I was extremely happy.

But when the day arrived, I got to know that the photo shoot was a flop as it was raining and all the roads were wet. I eavesdropped some more and got to know that my hoomans were not gonna bake a cake for me as I was ILL! Yes! I heard them saying that I was ill! In reality, I was not! I was only protesting because they were not planning for a Dog Birthday Party! When will hoomans understand my feelings😪 

Anyways, at the end of the day I was happy as I got about 50 birthday wishes (even my hoomans don’t get so many) he he. I guess people like me because of my double chin!

Also, my hooman went to the pet store yesterday to get me different kinds of A.K.A yummy food for me. When she told them that it was my birthday, they literally gave me complimentary gifts! YAY! I got my first ever dog perfume! I have never owned my very own dog perfume ever. When my hooman showed it to me, the very first thought that came into my head was, “If they actually liked me, they would have given treats or any food item instead.”

Well, guess what! After this, my hooman took out 2 bags of treats! Whoop! Whoop! That’s when my spirits lifted and I started chasing my tail due to happiness. This shop is amazing! It is called JUST DOGS.

Well, I guess my birthday didn’t turn out so bad! At the end of the day, my hooman did do a live stream on YouTube and gave me some of those treats! Yum!

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