Dog Bowl on Stand – Review

Dog Bowl on Stand (Golden Newsletter #4)

Hello, my Golden fans! This is Angel the Golden giving you the latest ‘pupdates’ of my fabulous life!

Today, I was given a gift! It had been so long since I had gotten one. Finally, someone remembers me! This time, Just Dogs gave me a dog bowl on stand…For free! I never had one before. They say that it is good for senior dogs and prevents the distortion of the spine. But I’m no old lady! I’m just 6 years old! I’m still a gorgeous little cutie nut! Isn’t it? Share this post if you think I’m a cutie nut

It comes in a box. Obviously. It has so many metal pieces that make a hideous noise every time. At first, when my sister was opening the box, I thought she had gotten me some treats to eat. I was so happy! But when I went closer, I realized that they were not treats but just some metal sticks that annoyed me.

Dog Bowl on Stand
Dog Bowl with Stand for Senior Dogs

So I was very disappointed and turned my back on the video she was filming and went back to sleep on the cozy couch. Not! I was observing her very carefully. I was just acting as if I was asleep. Something I do all the time. You don’t know when opportunity knocks on your door. But when it does, you must be ready to grab hold of it. So that’s what I did.

I waited for an opportunity to get some treats. But while I waited, all my sister did was annoy me with sounds of metal clanging against one another.
I waited and waited for some treats. I waited for so long that I almost fell asleep. Come on! Watching someone fail at building something is funny but the same thing way too many times gets boring. That’s what happened. I was almost asleep when she called my name. I opened my eyes instantly and looked for treats. But no. No treats. Not even one! I sighed and closed my eyes again.

Then that stupid clanging sound came again. All the sleepiness was vacuumed out of me as if….a vacuum cleaner sucked out all of the sleepiness out of me.

OK…that’s sounded weird.
I went to try and stop the clanging. Whatever I did, did not work.
What did I do?
Hey! You ain’t here to listen about my failures, are you?

I started barking. This did work. My sister got annoyed and went to the room and got something. And what was it? TREATS! Whoohoo! She put 2 treats in each of the bowls of the dog bowl on stand and asked me to take it. Honestly, I was kinda scared of the clanging sounds. But for treats, I can do anything! So I did it. I faced my fears and even got success.

You won’t believe but success tastes yummy!

Hope you enjoyed this episode. Watch out for the next one! Till then, BYE!

Dog Bowl on Stand Review
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  • Value for Money
  • Useability
  • Acceptance by Dog
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Dog Bowl on Stand Review - Good Buy especially for older dogs

  • The Dog Food Bowl on a Stand is made of Stainless Steel bowls that are long lasting and easy to clean.
  • The stand has a wide H-shape base.
  • You can adjust the height of the bowls to suit your pet’s height.
  • The stand has a locking system that holds the bowls at the height adjusted.
  • Available in three sizes- Small 900 ml X 2, Medium 1600 ml X 2, Large 2800 ml X 2

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