Dog Deworming Schedule: A Complete Guide for Dogs and Puppies

It’s time to Deworm your Dog Now! Pet owners should be very conscious of the health of their pets and if you suspect diarrhea vomiting or weight loss then it can be due to the presence of worms and other parasites in your dog’s body. To completely eliminate this, a strict dog deworming schedule needs to be followed.

These worms will cause intestinal infection and if you notice weight loss in your dog irrespective of good appetite then it all means that your dog may have worms in the body.

Also, worms might be living inside your puppy without your knowledge, and there comes the need for puppy deworming. Young puppies should be dewormed in the initial weeks of their life to give them effective protection.

How often do you need to deworm your puppy and your dog?

  • Deworming often starts as early as 2 weeks of age in puppies, and continue to deworm at the age of 4th week, 6th week, 8th week, 12th, and 16th week.
  • Once the puppy reaches the age of 16 weeks, you should maintain a dog deworming schedule for puppies every 3 months that you need to follow seriously up to 1 year of age.
  • For adult dogs, the treatment schedule recommended is at least twice a year as a preventive measure. Please consult your vet for the exact schedule if your dog is already infected with parasitic worms.

Do you worm a dog on an empty stomach?

Dog deworming tablets can be administered either on an empty stomach or along with food. Generally, dogs are more accepting of the deworming tablets when “masked” with one of their favorite foods. If your dog is very fussy about tablets, like our golden retriever is, you can stuff the tablet inside one of their favorite food. It’s much easier that way. We stuff the tablet inside pieces of banana which Angel loves very much.

What’s the best time of the day to give your dog a dewormer?

Morning or night – There is no one best time. You can give the medicines tablets with either meal of the day. We suggest you give your dog its favorite food and stuff the tablets inside so your dog does not spit it out.

Deworming Pills for Large Dogs

SENTRY Pet Care Sentry Hc 7 Way De-Wormer for Medium & Large Dogs, 2 Count
SENTRY Pet Care Sentry Hc 7 Way De-Wormer for Medium & Large Dogs, 2 Count
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Vivaldis En-dewor Deworming Tablets
Vivaldis En-dewor Deworming Tablets
  • Endewor is a vegetative systemic enzyme formulation,with no side effect that helps reinforce the body's optimal balance of bacteria.
  • Stimulates growth and reproduction of helpful bateria, for all types ring worms, hook worms, tape worms, and whip worms.
  • Kills and expels worms and parasites, increases immunity and supports digestion.
Venky's WormStop Combi for Dogs - 10 tabs
Venky's WormStop Combi for Dogs - 10 tabs
  • Worm stop combi for dogs -10 tabs
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  • No starvation is needed before or after treatment can be given directly to the dog or disguised in f

What is Dog Deworming?

Dog deworming, also commonly known as worming, is a common treatment to get rid of worms and other parasites from your dog’s intestinal system. Worms are commonly found in puppies and dogs because they sniff and lick anything that comes in their way.

This results in the entrance of worms into your dog’s system. You need to take your puppy to the vet, and then he will give you guidance regarding safe deworming ways.

Types of Worms present in a dog’s body

The common types of worms include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. A worming treatment in dogs is necessary to get rid of these on a regular basis. Once the treatment is done, you need to make sure you prevent re-infection specifically for intestinal worms. You have to maintain a regular checkup schedule of your dog for all worm types.

What are the symptoms and signs of worms in dogs?

You must rule out worms in your dog if your dog has scooting, appetite loss and weight loss, low energy, diarrhea, and vomiting, coughing, change in eating habits, bloody and mucousy stool, bloating, etc.

Commonly used Deworming Medicines




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Defender Plus Dewormer for Dogs

Defender Plus

Broad spectrum of activity against all worms, single dose & gentle.

Vivaldis Endewor Natural Enzyme Based Deworming Supplement For Dogs


Kills and expels worms and parasites, increases immunity and supports digestion. Stimulates growth and reproduction of helpful bateria.

PETCARE Worm Trap Pack of 10 Tablets


Comprehensive spectrum of activity against all worms. Can be given directly to the dog or disguised in food


Kiwof Plus

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dog deworming schedule


Worm stop combi offers comprehensive spectrum of activity against all worms. Safe, single dose, gentle, effective broad spectrum treatment.

Your vet will guide you in detail regarding dog deworming. Dog deworming medicines include chewable tablets, powders, liquids, and also shots to kill the worms.

You have to be careful at the time of the first deworming of your puppy because you may not be aware if your puppy or dog is allergic or intolerant to the deworming medicine.

Once you are comfortable with the medicine, you can continue to buy online and stick to the dog deworming schedule as recommended for your dog at the prescribed dosages.

How much does dog deworming cost?

Deworming is an inexpensive treatment and the cost depends upon the weight of your dog. Make sure you visit your vet and discuss each and every detail with him. Usually, it costs $40 to $80 and then your dog becomes worm-free.

Dog Deworming Schedule for puppies and dogs New
Dog Deworming Schedule Chart

How can you do Dog Deworming with Home Remedies?

People often ask about deworming at home and one must know that there are some natural ways to deworm your dog at home. Those who are worried because of deworming side effects through medicines may choose to treat the dogs with these natural ways to prevent worms.

However, there are no set dog deworming schedules prescribed officially. Advocates of natural remedies mention the treatment should be given regularly.

Please note that we have always treated Angel with tablets. We have not tried these methods but have a basic idea about these natural home treatments from our friend pet parents.

✔️ Pumpkin seeds:
Pumpkin seeds are very effective for deworming because of the presence of an amino acid called cucurbitacin. When you give pumpkin seeds to your dog this paralyzes the worms and, in this way, the worms are eliminated from your dog’s intestine. You should give 1 tablespoon raw pumpkin seeds per 10 lbs. of dog’s body weight.

✔️ Apple cider vinegar
For the safe removal of parasites and worms from your dog’s body, it is a good idea to use fermented apple cider vinegar. You need to mix half a teaspoon of ACV with water and give it to your dog regularly for the good health of your dog.

✔️ Carrots
Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and it is a good idea to give chopped carrots to your dog to get rid of worms. It not only cleans the worms and parasites but also removes the mucus. For the perfect cleaning of the stomach and gut, you must give your dog this juicy treat at mealtimes.

✔️ Coconut
Dried coconut is very effective to eliminate the worms from your dog’s body. You should sprinkle 1 teaspoon of dried coconut on the meal of small dogs and 1 tablespoon for large dogs. Giving coconut oil also eliminates internal parasites for your canine’s body naturally.

Please note, this article does not purport to be medical advice and only constitutes our experience with our golden retriever. Please consult your vet for specific advice always.

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