Priceless Dog Reaction to her Old Video

This is a dog reaction video in India of a puppy reacting to her own video filmed a year back about her reaction to an angry bird Chuck – the yellow canary – toy top spinner with angry bird theme music and lights.  It is a hilarious and funny video to watch her seeing her own video on the laptop.  At one point, she seems to ask “Hey, is this me in the video?”

Dog Reaction Video

Here’s the hilarious video:

In the study published in the Animal Cognition showed that dogs can identify animals and humans by only using their visual sense.
This is why dogs are able to watch and understand what is going on the TV sometimes. And that’s how all those cute videos of animals reacting to videos come from.

A TV channel just for Dogs!
Yes! There is a TV channel made just for dogs! How cool is that!
It is called Dog TV

Dog reaction to Dog TV - Scientifically designed television for your dog
Scientifically designed television for your dog

There are many dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and this channel really calms them down. It also designed to prevent boredom and provide mental stimulation. The calming sounds they play keep your dog relaxed and at ease throughout the day. 

It is designed from 60+ scientific studies.

You also get a free trial. Later, all you have to pay is $10

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