Dog Self-Control for Food Challenge Gone Wrong!!!

Today, Angel took up the self-control for food challenge and what a bad dog she turned out to be!!! The challenge was to sit as long as she can before giving in to her temptations to gobble up her favorite bread and boiled egg snack while no one was watching over her.

Even though it’s not her usual dog food (which she isn’t interested in anyways!). It was a disaster – the dog food challenge gone wrong – completely!!! This food challenge in India was a fun activity to check if Angel would show enough impulse control for dogs after all the dog training that we have done given her over these 3 years.

Dog Self-Control for Food

We had the dog sitting down and placed a plate of bread and eggs at a distance and asked her to “leave it” and left her alone….Even after so much of training including dog impulse control exercises, Angel’s self-control was at the lowest because it was during afternoon time when she is at her hyper best. Angel had a good bread and eggs breakfast when I left her alone LoL.

Dog self-control for food

My dog is out of control and untrainable I must say during certain time periods of the day, for eg. a short duration during the morning, around afternoon, and later just before and after dinner time. During this period of the day, dog self-control for food is absolutely impossible. It is really difficult for dog training and to teach your dog impulse control, especially dog food challenge, during these times as it is very very difficult for the dog and simply the poor dog cannot help it!!!

Choose the best time for dog training when the dog is more amenable to obedience and I am sure you will be able to help the dog to control its dog behavior and learn a few tricks from you.

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