Dog Steals Tennis Balls from Children

Let me tell you my little secret… I have stolen many tennis balls from children earlier too.. 😉

Who the heck is this ugly Doggo who is posing as if he is some old king posing for his portrait while showing off his riches…. Oh, wait….That’s me🙄😣

I know. I know. You think that I am a very bad Doggo as I told you that I took balls from innocent people. But trust me I’m not.
What! You don’t believe me! Ask my friends. You surely can’t ask my enemies, ’cause I don’t have any.

Dog steals tennis balls

All the balls that you see with me are not gifts people gave me. They are balls that I found in the bushes or other weird places like that. Yup. I’m amazing at treasure hunt. But the only treasure I hunt for is balls, and I have been very successful. I have found cricket balls that kids forgot…tennis balls that someone lost and even some red vicky balls. 
I get really annoyed when my hooman doesn’t let me barge into a bush and look under it. But you know what I am. A REBEL!. So I do it anyways and come out with some guy’s vicky. One disadvantage is that I get really dirty during the process but it’s totally worth it.

My tips to my fellow REBEL Doggos to find Tennis Balls: 

  1. The most important point- always look down while walking and always be alert. I know many hoomans say that we must always have our chins up as looking down shows weakness or something, but that doesn’t apply to Doggos mind you! Hoomans will always love us Doggos if we make our signature puppy-dog eyes. 🤫🤭
  2. Act all innocent- If you don’t act innocent, your hoomans will be alert and react before you get inside the bush, and then the whole plan will be a flop.
  3. BARGE IN!- Find a time when your hooman’s guard is down and then Charge at the bush like a warrior! Don’t look back until the bounty is safe in your mouth. 
    Voila! You have found your new best friend!
    Well…it will only be your best friend until you chew up its upper half apart. *hee hee 

Find a ball and get pettings for free!- Don’t worry about the scoldings that you will get from your hoomans as they will be happy that you found a ball. 
From their point of view, it is good as they won’t have to spend money to buy you toys as you get them yourself for free!
Hit two birds with one stone!
Okay, I shouldn’t have said that. Now I feel bad for those poor little birds.😪

So now, are you convinced that I am not a bad Doggo? Press the HEART down there if you believe me.
And if you don’t believe me, share this post with some people you know. 

Angel, the golden retriever, says Over and Out. BYE!

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