Exercising Golden Retriever Dog Outdoors

How much of exercising golden retriever is needed depends on your dog breed and your dog’s energy level and temperament. Angel is generally excitable but has less energy generally. We usually take Angel out to play every Sunday. Otherwise, she is good with her two times daily walks which are about 3 to 5 km. This above picture was taken in the plot where we make her play. Angel is a big dog and she needs a lot of exercise.

Exercising Golden Retriever – A Challenge

As we live in an apartment, there is not a lot of space to make her play. Near our house, there is a piece of land that is kind of clean for her to play fetch. There is actually a lot of land in that area but most of them have trash in them or have thorny bushes. Once, a thorn actually got poked into her paw. So, we do not want to take any more risks. One day, we saw a few people playing cricket on the ground. Then it flashed. We can exercise Angel in this ground! There are actually one or two thorny bushes in this ground too, but it was clean enough for her to run around.

Golden retrievers love tennis balls. Angel actually has so many tennis balls as toys and the awesome thing about it is that she found all of them herself! These are the balls that are lost by kids playing cricket in our apartment!! When we are walking calmly, she suddenly spots a ball inside a bush, and she dives into the bush to get it. We have about five balls and all of them were found in the same way. The ball that Angel is catching in the picture was also found in the same way.

Exercising Golden Retrievers with balls fetch game
Exercising Golden Retrievers with balls fetch game

So, one Sunday, we decided to take her to the plot to play. She had a huge amount of fun. She was running wild after many days! We even took some treats to control her as she gets very excited. First, we put her on her long leash (it is very long) and let her explore the plot a bit. After that was done, we let her off leash and she went literally wild!

We played for some time and then this very weird thing happened! Cows started streaming into the plot! There were about 10 cows in the plot after a few minutes! Well…what can you expect from Miss Angel?……She went running after them!! Thankfully nothing happened. We could control her just in time and thankfully she did nothing to those innocent cows. Maybe those cows just wanted to help clean the ground for Angel. LoL.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun running with Angel. But in the end she was so pathetically dirty that we ended up giving her a bath when we got back home. She was dead tired and so she was not so cranky in terms of bathing. 
The day turned out to be good and Angel slept for the rest of the day. I even combed/brushed her coat to remove all the loose strings of hair.

The day ended by Angel snuggling in bed tired, clean, and happy.

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