7 Funny Golden Retriever Dog Memes that Everyone can Relate to

Dogs can be hilarious at times and the facial expressions that they make are good material for funny dog memes. Dogs can convey a lot of things even if they don’t speak to us. Can you relate to these funny situations with your dog? I am sure you must have come across this behavior especially if you have a golden retriever 😉

These Golden Retriever Dog Memes are Relatable

Angel, our Golden Retriever, also makes funny faces all the time. We need to just have a camera ready at the right moment to capture them. I collected some of the funniest pics of Angel and made memes from them, and they turned out pretty great! Here are 7 funny golden retriever dog memes that you can find on my Instagram channel 😊 You can follow me @damselandangel on Instagram.

When Your Dog Wants Everything You Eat

Angel loves food more than anything in this world. Whenever I sit down to eat something, it’s as if she appears out of nowhere right near my foot to beg to get a piece of my snack. ALWAYS. And when we try to explain to them that what we are eating is not healthy for them, they never seem to understand.

When You’re Not Sleepy

Angel was sleeping in a really funny way so I decided to capture it. There has been a lot of instances when Angel would be doing a naughty thing but the moment I see her she stops doing it and acts all innocent. After eating her food, she brings out a pillow from the bedroom every day. But the moment we see her, she just drops it on the floor and acts as if nothing happened.

Party Time!

Everyone loves a Friday night but hates Monday mornings. Friday nights are fun because you get to chill and enjoy with your friends as it’s the weekend! But on Mondays, you gotta come back to your schedule. Angel gets very sleepy in the afternoon and lets me do whatever I want to her. So that’s the perfect time for me to make her wear things and take cute pictures!

Getting to Know Someone

We can never judge a person by looking at them. Angel is always so sweet and looks like the perfect dog whenever we go out or when we are on walks. Everyone who meets her always says that she is just like an angel and is such a good dog. But that’s because they don’t know her naughty side – she has been the most hyperactive golden retriever dog you can ever have at home!

Me as a Meme

That’s me, and then there’s me twice and that’s a meme!

Food Meme

Angel loves food more than anything in this world, be it dog food or human food, she can never ever get tired of eating. She is a greedy dog and always wants more food and always comes to beg for whatever we are eating. She eats everything from rotten tomatoes lying on the road to yummy chicken and no one can stop her from doing so.

To an Important Person in your Life

Send this cute meme to someone important in your life. Tell them how lucky you are to have them and make sure to spread some positivity!

Which one of these funny golden retriever memes is your favorite? Can you relate to these situations with your dog? Do let me know in the comments section below. Happy Pet parenting!

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