Golden Retriever Plays with Large Kong Dog Toy

Angel – the Golden retriever puppy – goes about her daily routine playing with kong dog toys in this video and the toys she loves the most – rope toys, kong toys, and almost any other chew toy make her happy.  But you have to be careful sometimes she will swallow anything that comes her way.  Puppies are energetic and play all the time they are awake.

Funtime with Large Kong Dog Toy

Stuffed kong toys or similar are good brain activities and help in their training.  Dog food and dog treats are good motivators too. Rope toys are the best dog chew toys whereas Kong toys are expensive but last long, flexible, and can be stuffed with a variety of dog foods, treats, and goodies.

Where to Buy Large Kong Dog Toy in India

Dog Kong Toy Extreme
If your Dog is a chewer and hyperactive, a Kong Dog Toy is just the perfect dog toy for him.

Kong Dog Toy Large, Medium, and Small are available on Amazon and other online Pet Stores. We have not found many physical stores in India stocking this toy. Hence recommend buying online unless you can find it in your favorite neighbourhood pet shop.

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Best Toy for an aggressive chewer - Large Kong Dog Toy
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