Golden Retriever Sleeping – 10 FAQs You Need to Know

Golden Retriever Sleeping Habits

Sleep is an overlooked element in raising a puppy. But there are still many who face sleeping problems with their pups.

Dogs sleep more than humans do and even if they are not sleeping, they just laze around if they have nothing to do. They can do this for 12-14 hours a day and it is surely not abnormal. Adolescent pups are more playful and might sleep a couple of hours lesser, but sleeping for a lot of time is quite common in adults and puppies.

Sleep is essential for the healthy growth of a puppy and during their sleep, their central nervous system, brain, nervous system, and muscles develop. It also helps them to rest up for growth spurts.

Always remember that  -  A tired dog is a Happy Dog

Dog Sleeping Stages

There are 3 stages of sleep in dogs:

  • Nap: Dogs nap for short periods of time, usually when they have nothing to do during the day. Even though they appear to be sleeping, their mind is very alert so that they can wake up when they need to and get on with their activities. Their muscles are not totally relaxed and so they can’t enter into a deep sleep.
  • Sleep: Dogs usually sleep at night. Sleeping is when their muscles are relaxed and they are out for a long time. This is a stage in between dreaming and napping.
  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement): This is the 3rd step in which dogs dream. Eye twitches, leg movements can be seen, and sometimes they also make sounds.
golden retriever sleeping
A Doggie’s Sleep

How much sleep do dogs need?

FUN FACT: Larger dog breeds sleep more than smaller breeds. You will find big dogs like Newfoundland or Saint Bernard sleeping more than tiny breeds like a chihuahua.

Puppies sleep more than adults and sleep is an essential part of raising a happy pup.

Dogs sleep a lot, even during the day and this was inherited from their wolf counterparts. Some dogs are just calm and quiet, and some wait to spend their energy all at once when possible.

golden retriever sleeping faqs

Golden Retriever Sleeping FAQs

Do Golden Retrievers sleep a lot?

Yes. Golden retrievers, especially older dogs, sleep a lot during the day.

How long do Golden retrievers sleep?

Golden Retrievers sleep for more than half of the day.

How many hours a day does a Golden retriever sleep?

Golden retrievers sleep for about 12 to 14 hours in a day.

Why dogs sleep with owners?

Dogs sleep with their owners because of comfort and affection. They consider their owner as a pack member and want to be close to them.

How much should golden retriever puppies sleep?

You should let puppies sleep for however long they want to. Puppies need to rest during growth spurts and it is essential for growth.

Where should the Golden retriever sleep?

The Golden Retriever can sleep anywhere depending on your convenience. It can sleep with you on the bed if you are comfortable or it can also sleep on the floor with a blanket in the cold weather.

Why is my dog all of a sudden sleeping under the bed?

Your dog may sleep under the bed for comfort reasons. But if your dog is hiding under the bed to feel safe while sleeping, there could be fear and anxiety issues.

Can Golden retrievers sleep outside/alone?

No. Almost all Golden retrievers have separation anxiety, and they can’t stay away from their owners. It is advisable to let them sleep close to you.

Is it normal for 6 month old puppies to sleep a lot?

Yes. It is normal for puppies to sleep a lot. They need rest to grow and develop their body in the younger years.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps with eyes open?

Usually, a dog sleeps with its eyes partially open. But, if the eyes are wide open, it’s probably just lazing and not really sleeping.

golden retriever sleeping

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Making your Golden Retriever Sleep at Night

Dogs adapt to our routines, and most just follow their humans’ routine. Dogs won’t distinguish a holiday and a working day and so you cant expect them to sleep longer on holidays and less on the days you work. They will just follow their own will or they will follow your daily schedule.

To begin with, start by choosing an appropriate place for your dog to sleep. It can be a dog bed, a blanket, or a crate. Don’t forget to have a soft cloth so that your dog can get all comfy. Then, invite your dog into the sleeping area with some treats or a toy.

how many hours a day do golden retrievers sleep?

Some pettings and cuddles also go a long way to make him/her feel comfortable. This is very useful for dogs who can’t sleep in a new area or dogs that you just adopted.

Angel, my golden retriever dog sleeping habits are pretty easy going. Angel usually sleeps on a blanket on the floor during the night and during the day, she naps on a couch that is reserved just for her. She is not allowed on any other couch or bed and she is okay with it and is very comfy sleeping on her couch.

Another tip to make your dog sleep peacefully is good exercise. A small leisurely walk can put an elderly dog to sleep for a few hours but for pups and adults, exercise is a must.

You can play fetch indoors if the weather is not good but a good run is what dogs enjoy the most. Invite some doggie friends over and all of them will have a great time. Exercising is a great way to put the dogs to sleep.

If your dog still doesn’t sleep, try keeping a night light or a ticking clock. The rhythmic sound of ticking mimics the heart-beat of their mother and it calms them down.

Make sure that there are no sounds that scare your dog or waking him or her up and try to eliminate or silence the sounds.

Yawning is contagious and so you can try yawning intentionally because it triggers sleepiness, especially in puppies.

If none of these things work, try consulting a vet and get a checkup to see if everything is fine with your pup.

Check my Instagram handle to see photos that I took while Angel was more sedate, and it appears in the photo like she is sleepy like all the golden retrievers who sleep all day! How does your dog sleep time look?

Honestly, Angel was not at all sleepy. I tried so hard to make her stay with the towel on her head but she kept playing tug-of-war with it, and she almost tore it. But then I got so sick of her and I ignored her and finally, she kept quiet. I only had a few moments to click these photos. I love photography and I enjoy clicking photos. Hope you appreciate them.

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