How to Calm a Hyper Golden Retriever Puppy in 10 steps?

We realized that most if not all puppies have a certain time-table of such hyperactivity and they grow out of it soon. That said, to calm a hyper golden retriever is the toughest task in bringing up a puppy.

Do you have a hyper puppy or a hyper dog? Does he seem to be crazy at times? He won’t stop jumping, biting, and playing? Hyperactive puppies have a lot of energy and they need exercise and attention, but they also need to learn to settle down and stop playing when you ask them to.

How to calm a hyper Golden Retriever

Some positive methods to calm a dog down (hyper puppy training) are:

  1. Stay calm yourself – a calm leader commands a calm dog!
  2. Ignore – for the most part, this activity. Positive attention will result in a bad dog.
  3. Since you will come to expect a “timetable” for your puppy’s hyperactivity, be prepared – All of the household needs to be calm without much evident active action or talking.
  4. Give some time – the puppy needs to vent out its energy.
  5. Energy reminds me – Is your puppy well exercised? Could he do with a bit more running during the day?
  6. Reward a calm puppy – once the puppy is settled, still staying calm, give a small bit of treat. Soon the puppy will realize calmness means treat.
  7. Later add the word command of something like “settle” or “calm” along with the treat. Remember to do this after the dog is calm and not before.
  8. Practice – slowly changing your command timing from after to during to just before she gets hyper.
  9. Finally, give your puppy some time to grow up. She will settle down as she grows without any repercussions and a more obedient dog following your command.
  10. Keep trying and training 🙂

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond by Cesar Millan is an awesome book if you need to learn some basic techniques on dog training and bringing up your cute puppy.

Have a look at Angel, our golden retriever, how hyper she was! Can you relate to this video?

Calming Treat for Hyper Dogs

Further, Cesar Millan in his article 6 steps to managing a Dog’s over-excitement also mentions a crucial fact that an overtly hyper dog is often considered as a “happy dog” in certain situations, however, this is dog misbehavior and must be discouraged. Always remember that a “calm and submissive” dog is a good dog and a “Calm and Assertive” human is a good leader.

There are additional ways to calm your hyper dog. First one being to wear out your dog by exercising and channeling the dog’s energy into something constructive such as playing a game of fetch or even a simple walk will help sometimes.

Also engaging the dog’s sense of smell helps in calming the dog. We used to play “treasure hunt” for our dog by hiding small treats around the room like under/above the sofa, chair, desk, etc. Angel would love to sniff out these treats and by the end of it, she would be happy and tired – trust me, she used to love it.

It is up to you to assess, decide, and execute 🙂 what kind of solution your dog needs at different times. Sometimes, nothing else will help other than a game of fetch, while at others a simple walk would do. Try out different techniques, and over time, like our golden retriever, puppies grow out of these hyperactivity symptoms as they age. Happy pet parenting 🙂

Calm a hyper Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Puppies are hyperactive

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