How to Choose the Perfect Puppy in 5 Steps

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect puppy? Well… the answer to that is right here.

Choose the Perfect Puppy to suit your requirements

1. First of all, you have to choose a breed and then choose the perfect puppy. Different breeds are supposed to do different things. Golden retrievers were bred to be hunting dogs. But now they have evolved into family dogs. Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers are very friendly towards anything and everything and are not suitable as guard dogs. But they can be therapy dogs.

If you want a guard dog, then German Shepard or Doberman or even the Indian Pariah (the mutt/mongrel) are good breeds. There are so many breeds that you can choose from. So only after examining and learning about all the breeds, you can choose the perfect breed of the puppy. Thus you can say that there is no one particular perfect puppy to choose from, what is important is that the puppy matches the perfect owner! Hence your need to choose the perfect puppy becomes all the more important.

2. It is always better to adopt and not buy: There are many breeders who do not take care of the puppies properly. Why encourage that when you can adopt a dog from a shelter and save a life. As most of the shelters are overcrowded, some dogs are even put to sleep for the lack of space and funds to care for them. Even I did not know this until now. From next time I will adopt for sure. Angel is a pure breed golden retriever, and her parents have won many awards in dog shows. We got her at the cost of Rs 15000.

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how to choose the perfect puppy
Choosing the perfect puppy needs a lot of planning

3.  Meet the pup before buying: It is always better to meet the pup before getting it home to be successful to choose the perfect puppy. Please don’t buy dogs online. Most of them are bred in horrible conditions and sometimes are even sick. (Read this article about Bhageera – Puppy death triggers calls for ban on online sales) So it is better to see the pup and the parents. If you think they are properly bred, only then go buy or adopt it.

Also, go to a vet for a check-up and make sure everything is fine with the pup and its parents.

4. Examine the litter: Look at the litter properly. There will be some pups who are always energetic and playful and others will just be sleeping or lazing. If you are adventurous and have a lot of space and time, then buy the energetic pup. Or, if you have a small house and no back yard, then choose the calmer puppy. Usually, calm pups are better.

5. Females are smaller than males and are also calmer. So, better to buy a female puppy. Another point is, some puppies will approach you enthusiastically, while some may ignore you, while some others might be even suspicious or scared of you. These may indicate either an alpha puppy or the leader, or middle or pack, or rear of the pack. Every type of dog needs different ways of handling. To learn more about this in detail check out this article by Cesar Millan about Dog Pack hierarchy.

I hope these points will help you to choose the perfect puppy and the right dog breed for you and your family. Happy pet parenting! If you like this article please comment below on what type of pack position your dog is.

Now that you have chosen your perfect puppy, you need to know How to Raise the Perfect Dog. Read the book by Cesar Millan about puppy training and more.

Cesar Milan - How to raise the Perfect Dog

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