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Are you grappling with a difficult, ever hyperactive puppy or a dog? Do you find it difficult to keep dog occupied? Have your dogs destroyed all the dog toys that you have ever purchased for them? In that case, you must try out Kong Dog toys.

Keep Dog Occupied with Kong

Kong toys keep your dogs engaged. Like all golden retriever puppies, my golden retriever is very friendly but needs to be kept mentally occupied. But nothing seemed to help until we found Kong. Aggressive chewers like large dogs need really strong and indestructible dog toys to help them keep busy. This is where Kong Dog Toys come in.

Keep Dog Occupied with Kong Toy Extreme
Kong Dog Toys are the best dog toys keep your Dog occupied through the day.

Are Kong Toys Suitable for Puppies?

Yes. There are many types of Kong toys ranging from Kong puppy to Kong extreme. The Kong puppy is made from non-toxic rubber and is extremely safe. It is also washable so all the drool and dirt get cleaned out. So, you can just pop it in the dishwasher and it comes out all squeaky-clean!
It can also be stuffed with treats and food for a better experience. For puppies, the Kong toys come in a soft rubber material so that they can chew on it easily. It is very durable and how much ever the puppies chew on it, it never gets destroyed!

How Durable is the Kong toy?

We bought the Kong Extreme for Angel 4 years ago, and she chews on it almost every day. And even after 4 years, it is still in perfect condition! That’s how durable it is! It might be a little pricey, but trust me, its worth it a and full value for money.

What can we fill inside the Kong toy?

There are innumerable things that you stuff inside the Kong. From dog food itself to peanut butter and bread stuffing, you can put anything in it. Basically, you can stuff in anything that is edible and healthy for your dog.

I have come up with 50 items that you can fill inside a Kong. Read the article. The secret to keep dog occupied lies in what and how you fill inside a Kong toy. It’s a Must Read Article.

Does Kong Toy reduce the Aggressive Chewers problem?

Kong toy keeps your pup busy for a lot of time and teaches it to chew on the Kong instead of the sofas or your hands or feet. There are many chew toys that do the same. Angel, my Golden Retriever, had literally destroyed all the dog toys and chewed up all the corners of the sofas when she was teething. But through chew toys like the Kong, we trained her to only chew on her toys and nothing else.

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