How to Stuff a Kong Dog Toy

What to fill in a kong? Well with almost anything that you would normally give your dog. The trick is in “how to stuff a kong dog toy”!!! The more innovative you are in stuffing the Kong the more time you can let your dog engage in the interactive dog toys. Kong toys for dogs are well known for their durability as the most indestructible dog toys ever made.

How to stuff a Kong Dog Toy

Original Kong or Classic Kong is red in color whereas there are other variants like Puppy Kong, Kong Senior, and Kong Extreme. The most destructive and strongest chewers will do good with Kong Extreme whereas the puppies and small dogs will be content with the Pink or Puppy Kong. Kong will let you some moments of peace by engaging your pooch in an activity that is not only exhausting to them but also satisfying their hunger and the urge to chew and prevent undesirable chewing habits.

In this video, I show what to put in a kong, frozen kong recipes for puppies, what can I put in a kong for my dog? how to stuff a Kong with peanut butter. Some of the ingredients that I used to fill in layers are:

  • Peanut Butter.
  • Dog treats (Biscuits)
  • Kibble.
  • Yogurt.
  • Shredded Carrots.
  • Papaya
Stuff kong dog toy with peanut butter, carrots, yogurt, papaya, etc.
Stuff Kong with Peanut butter, carrots, yoghurt, papaya, etc.

I have mentioned a list of other ingredients that you can also use, but the options are unlimited! Use your imagination. Additionally, another step after stuffing the kong is to freeze it for a couple of hours so that the ingredients solidify and make it harder for the dog to get them out. So more added minutes of engagement with the interactive dog toys.

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