Golden Retriever Quiz | How well do you Know About Golden Retrievers

Take this dog breed quiz and find what’s your dog quotient. Do you know well enough about Golden Retrievers? This short Dog Breed Quiz might tell you a thing or two about goldens and dogs in general. Let’s find out.

Are Golden Retriever puppies active?

Dog breeds quiz - Are golden retriever puppies active
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Puppies do sleep peacefully but when awake, are very active and need human attention and are extremely playful with a pattern of crazy hyper playfulness.

How long do puppies sleep?

how long do puppies sleep
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It is normal for a young puppy to sleep up to 18 to 20 hours a day. As it grows older, the sleep pattern slowly changes to adjust to human sleep timings.

I want to train my puppy. When can I start?

when can I start puppy training
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Golden Retrievers are very intelligent breeds and are easy to train, however, you must wait until they are at least about 4-6 months. Start with baby steps. Don't hope for them to accomplish everything at once. Have realistic age-appropriate expectations. Continuous consistent training up to 2 years and beyond will lead to the best trained dog and the apple of your eye!

What food should I give my puppy?

what food should I give my puppy
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Dogs are carnivorous animals. Considering the puppy has had mother's milk before separation at least 6-9 weeks, don't need cow/buffalo milk or Cerelac. I would go with high-quality dog food specifically designed a recipe for golden retriever puppies with a high fat-to-protein ratio with added extra calcium and other supplements to sustain their extremely high growth rate between 3 months to a year. Homemade food may not fulfill all these criteria.

How much golden retriever puppy cost?

What is cost of golden retriever puppy
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Reputable breeders won't separate the puppies from mother before at least 60 days (ideally 90 days), vaccinate the puppies, register with Kennel Club of India (KCI papers) all for Rs. 20 to 25k. Please note, it does not make business sense if he charges less. Do not encourage cheap, dishonest breeders selling unhealthy puppies bred in unhygienic conditions and inhuman breeding practices.

My puppy seems to be growing in size every day. Is it normal?

how fast do puppies grow
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Large breed dogs like Golden Retrievers have very high growth spurts between 7 to 14 months. They seem to gain weight every day. This is normal. If you are feeding your pup the right quantity of high-quality age-specific dog food, they will do just fine. Large breeds attain almost 90% of adult weight by end of this growth spurt.

When do Golden Retrievers shed hair?

when do golden retrievers shed hair
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Most dogs shed hair with good regrowth as a normal process. Golden retriever's shed similarly, only their hair is long and denser. Purebreed Golden Retrievers have double-coated fur which means undercoat hair is short, wooly, and dense and outer is longer. Thus they shed more. A good dog food diet ensures, the hair is well maintained and healthy and looks soft, wooly, shiny. If your dog doesn't have a good amount of hair, either its not pure breed or is unhealthy.

My golden retriever puppy bites. What do I do?

golden retriever puppy biting hands
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Puppies between ages 3 to 8 months often bite things around to "see" them and understand the world around them. It's their way of interacting with you. Don't worry, it will subside as they grow. By using the above method, eventually, they will learn that you don't like it and that the playtime stops. This takes time and until then, you have to bear the pain 🙁 but don't be harsh with them....please!!!

I am scared of dogs. Will my adult Golden Retriever bite me?

do golden retrievers bite
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Goldens were bred to fetch hunts in ponds and fields. Their bite strength is such that they can gently hold a raw egg in the mouth without breaking it. It can be safely assumed that in rarest of rare situations when pushed to extreme, if a Golden does bite, it may not inflict a major wound like other large and powerful dogs.

Will Golden Retriever protect my family?

golden retrievers are family dogs
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It might sound weird but a golden retriever barks frantically at strangers from inside the home, but when strangers come home, they will wag their tails and go after them for petting. So you may only be alerted of an incoming intruder, but if a thief enters inside, your golden might as well get cozy with him and happily give away all your treasures.

Can Golden Retriever swim?

can golden retrievers swim
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Not just Golden Retrievers, most dog breeds will swim easily if you just put them in water. They don't need any swimming classes! Goldens are more of a "water person" because they are bred for retrieving hunted ducks in ponds and lakes, so swimming comes more naturally to them than others.

What "color" is a Golden Retriever?

golden retriever color
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AKC (American Kennel Club) excludes extreme colours like white and dark brown or black. However, Golden Retrievers are supposed to have fur that is rich, lustrous golden of various shades.

Can I leave my golden retriever home alone?

can i leave my golden retriever home alone
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It is not without a reason that Golden Retrievers are said to be family dogs. They always stay by your side and want company. It is a known fact that Golden Retrievers go into depression if you leave them away from you for long periods of time. If you are working and have to stay away from home, then DO NOT get a dog...more so a Golden Retriever.

Why does my dog breathe so heavily?

golden retriever breathing heavily
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Humans cool by sweating and breathe heavily to get more oxygen. Dogs don't have sweat glands (except paws). Their panting is a way for cooling down the body temperature. This may be in summers (hot climate), after exercise, or if it has a fever or other health conditions.

How to train my dog?

golden retriever trainer
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There is a misconception that a dog can be trained by a dog trainer. The fact is dogs respond only to their "handlers" which means if you don't train your pooch yourself, it will respond only to the trainer, not you. You must establish leadership with your dog which also helps in bonding relationships as dogs are pack animals.

Must Try Dog Breed Quiz - Do you know your Golden Retriever?

dog breed quiz - low score

So Sorry! You are not there yet, don't buy a puppy before understanding their needs and requirements. Its a lifetime commitment, don't hurry take your time, learn more and then go for it. You will never regret it.

dog breed quiz - good score

That's a great score. Go for it. If you are planning to get a puppy home, what are you waiting for??? But don't stop your learning process. There could still be some pain points that you may need to address by researching good resources. You can do it!

dog breed quiz - high score

You are well-endowed with dogopedia knowledge. You are meant to spread your wisdom to dog lovers who seek out information. Please help them. You will be blessed.

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Happy Pet Parenting!

Happy Pet parenting!


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