Positive Dog Obedience Training with Healthy Dog Treats

Damsel and Angel play a game of fetch with the golden retriever favorite dog toys – her tennis ball using Drools Absolute Vitamin Biscuit- Dog Supplement. This helps in positive dog obedience training. Teaching my dog to fetch can be a fun dog fetch game when kids are involved. To train a dog to fetch, encourage your pet to go after something that he likes, for example, in this case, Angel’s favorite tennis ball or even a Kong toy like kong stick, etc.

Motivate the dog to come back with the toy using delicious dog training treats. Any dog treat will do but make sure you give in small bits – here quantity does not matter only quality and number matters. Dog sitting can be made fun for dogs and people alike by involving in such train a dog to fetch session using dog training products and dog toys with a combination of healthy dog treats.

Puppy fetch training is one of the most early-stage training that you can undertake if your pooch is a purebred retriever. Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers have the inherent genetic makeup to “go after” and fetch to please their masters all of course for a delicious healthy dog training treats!

Positive dog obedience training
Positive dog obedience training

Cesar Millan’s book How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond is an awesome read and details on the best techniques on dog training for behaviour training and creating the perfect environment to raise a well-balanced dog.

Positive Dog Obedience Training

Puppies that need to be trained to fetch will need an instinctual trigger to chase and a motivator to return. Encourage your pet to go after something that he likes, for eg. his favorite dog toy like a kong stick or a dog chews or any puppy chew toys. Once the puppy chases it and gets it, encourage him to come back for a more attractive motivator like a dog training treat in exchange for the dog toy.

Slowly but surely, your pooch will learn to fetch a ball, a stick, and even learn to catch a frisbee. In no time, puppy fetch training will seem like a cakewalk to you! Your answer to How to teach my dog to fetch is so much easier if you have a retriever breed but puppy training games can be so much rewarding with any breed if you are consistent and patient.

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