10 Actionable Steps to Reduce Dog Anxiety due to Fireworks

It’s Diwali! This time of the year, people burst so many crackers and almost all the dogs get very anxious and scared, and they become very restless. They express their stress by barking, whining, or hiding in a confined place. Learn how to reduce Dog Anxiety effectively in 10 steps.

Poor stray dogs are helpless and sometimes it even results in their death. That’s why I insist you please not burst crackers. Pet dogs are also hard to handle with loud noises that scare them. That is why I made a list of tips on how I keep Angel stress-free during Diwali.

Dog Scared of fireworks
What You can do to Reduce Dog Anxiety

How to reduce dog anxiety in 10 steps:

  1. Preparation: Take your dog for a walk before the fireworks start so that you don’t have to go very close to the fireworks which makes it more dreadful for your pet. Make sure you have exercised him/her beforehand so that the dog is too tired to be bothered about the crackers, and he just takes a nap instead.
  2. Be with your dog: The most important point of keeping your dog calm is to be with them. If your pets are alone without the company at home, their separation anxiety along with the fear of loud sounds can be extremely stressful for them. That’s why I am always with Angel, and this helps her to be relatively calmer and helps to reduce dog anxiety. So please do not leave your dog alone during Diwali.
  3. Distract your pooch: Angel, likes other dogs, loves food more than anything, and I take advantage of it to distract her to keep her calm. I usually make a Kong for her so that she is busy with it, and she doesn’t realize what is going on outside.
  4. Comfort your dog: If your pet is stressed out, call it to snuggle with you and pet it. As per my experience, this point really works; and this is my favorite way to comfort Angel. Who doesn’t love snuggle puddles?
  5. Reduce the sound: Make sure you have all the doors and windows closed so that it reduces the sound waves entering into your house. Also, make sure your dog is seated in his most comfortable seat so that he knows that he is safe.
  6. Music: This might sound crazy but music actually helps in keeping your dog calm. There are many soundtracks on the internet that help in making your pet calm. Or you could play a song yourself if you play some kind of instrument.
  7. Keep your dog well hydrated: This is also a very useful tip to keep your pooch happy. I have observed that whenever Angel gets anxious, she tries to treat it by drinking water. Keep the water bowl accessible for your pet all day and night. If not, it will just add up to the anxiety.
  8. Keep calm yourself: You must remain calm first as your dog may pick up on any odd behavior. Also, whenever he comes to you for comfort, never ignore it as it may make him depressed.
  9. Don’t force them: Don’t force them to face their fears or take them too close to the fireworks just because they are not barking or whining. It will just make them more frightened. Excessive panting and yawning tell that they are stressed.
  10. Always reward him with treats: Whenever your dog is calm, always reward him with treats so that he understands that being calm is the right thing and it makes you happy.

Nothing calms the dog more than a Calm Leader. Be assertive. Be positive. Stay Calm.

Cesar Millan

With the growing concerns about pollution, a lot of people have reduced bursting crackers. However, a large number still continues with loud crackers. We can only hope that one day, the crackers will be completely banned for the good of all.

Comment and let me know what steps you take to reduce dog anxiety during Diwali.

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