Royal Canin
Golden Retriever

Designed specifically for Golden Retriever breed.

Calorie content recipe formulated for weight control.

Contains added taurine and EPA-DHA for healthy bones and joints, allergies, silky hair coat, and healthy skin.

Golden retriever specific formula offers good cardiac function in the long run.

Mentions first ingredients as Boneless lamb, dehydrated lamb protein, pea starch, animal fat, dehydrated pumpkin, dehydrated whole eggs which indicate good quality.

High-Quality protein all from real animal sources.

Formula designed for Carnivores! Recipe categorized for mini, medium, and maxi.

Farmina Natural and Delicious

Contains fresh and high grade meat.

Claims to contain ingredients that are of high quality.

Contains large quantity of fresh and grade ‘A’ meal ingredients.

Hence is recommended for dogs with high activity and those that need to gain weight.

No added sugar & salt.

Arden Grange Large Breed Adult

Orijen - Undoubtedly Best Premium Quality Dog Food.

The description of the ingredients of this brand will make you drool:

85% meat and 15% fruits and vegetables consisting of fresh free-run chicken and turkey as poultry meat and wild-caught fish along with nest-laid eggs!

Ideal for energetic and active dogs.

Orijen Original Adult Dog Food


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