Top 25 Golden Retriever Names – Male and Female

If you get a new puppy, then, of course, you have to name it. But the list of names that you can keep is endless! How to choose the perfect name? Well, first you have to see the character of the pup if it is a male or a female and how it acts. You might want to choose an uncommon name for your pup or you might like the most favorite of the names. Yet still, you might want to name your pup after a famous character or celebrity, perhaps?

When we got our golden retriever puppy, we were pretty much in a fix trying to deciding on the name. We finally chose Angel as she was so very gentle and timid that almost melted our heart.

Top 25 Golden Retriever Names – Female

Here is a list of 25 cute Golden Retriever Dog names that you can keep for your Golden retriever puppy.  Which amongst these dog names is your favorite?

Top 25 Golden retriever female dog names
Golden Retriever Dog Name Ideas

Top 25 Golden Retriever Names – Male

You decide to go for a male dog? No problem. I have suggestions for those too. Wondering which are the top 25 names for male dogs? Check out below.

Top 25 Golden Retriever Names - Male

What have you named your dog? Comment down below.

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