6 Reasons Why Dogs are Awesome Pet Buddies!

There are innumerable reasons as to why it is awesome to have a dog. A dog is your sibling, your best friend, and even your teacher and that’s why they make for awesome pet buddies. They love you the most, guide you, sometimes be silly, and they are the best snuggle puddle when you are feeling low.

6 Reasons Why Dogs are Awesome Pet Buddies

Here are a few things that you get only if you have a dog and why dogs are awesome pet buddies:

  1. Unconditional love – This is very obvious but you can never feel it without a dog by your side…and when you actually feel it, you are in heaven.
  2. Mischievous puppy – There are many times when your puppy does this weird stuff that you can’t resist laughing. Their expressions are enough to keep you smiling all the time. There are times when you realize that the couch is demolished or your lunch is missing, but then the guilty look on their snouts melts your heart away.
  3. Live in the moment – Angel has taught me many things – One is being patient and the other is to live in the moment. When you are enjoying, instead of thinking about something about the past, live in the moment and enjoy it before it is over. You can never see your dog be sad over anything other than the reason of you being unhappy. Your dog shares your grief and also your happiness.
  4. Furball/fluffy butt – Whenever you are feeling low, just feeling the fur of your pooch makes you happy. One game of fetch takes your stress away and you know that all your secrets are safe.
  5. Best companion – Your dog can be your best hiking companion and even your fitness buddy. You can literally do anything and everything with your pet.
  6. New friends – I have made so many friends just because of Angel. Angel has literally done this amazing thing.
Dogs are awesome pet buddies
Dogs are awesome pet buddies

My neighbor used to be this cranky man who always used to shout at us when I and my friends used to hang out in the lobby. He said we made a lot of noise and threatened us saying that he would complain to our parents. After a few days, his door was open and even our door was open and Angel just ran out and went into his house. I held my breath because I thought he would make a big fuss out of it. But then guess what! he became so happy and petted Angel lovingly and now even he has a Golden retriever and he is now my friend!! I still can’t get over it!

Hope this post motivates you to value your pet’s companionship and if you don’t have one, you will surely want to adopt one. And make sure you love them loads. Bye!
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