5 Reasons why Golden Retriever is the Best Dog Breed in India

While planning to get Angel, our Golden Retriever, we gave a lot of thought as to which is the Best Dog Breed in India that we can get as a first-time pet owner. We spent extensive time and thought over finalizing a female golden retriever to be our new family member. Read on to know why we felt that golden retriever is the best dog breed for families with children.

The golden retriever is one of the most complete and entertaining dog breeds in the canine world: they are versatile, intelligent, noble, obedient, educated, have a friendly character, are cheerful, affectionate, good guardians of the home, and skillful at hunting.

They are also characterized by being happy dogs, who like to please their masters in everything, they adapt to any environment, they are ideal for children and the elderly, they do not feel jealous of other animals that live with them, and they have the best sense of smell that can be found in a dog.

Golden Retriever is the best dog breed
Golden Retrievers are not guard dogs

Characteristics of Golden Retriever as a Guard Dog

● It is not a good guard dog due to its outgoing, trusting, and loving nature with everyone.
● However, it is a good warning dog. They are good barkers and will serve to warn you of strangers and scare them away, but not to defend.
● They have a very protective instinct that can make them react and act in the face of danger.
● They can be trained to be guardians, but their temperament will not help them fulfill that task.
● The golden retriever is a fantastic companion dog and is not suitable to be left alone in the house for a long period of time.

Why is Golden Retriever one of the Best Dog Breed?

Golden Retrievers are children's best friends

Golden Retrievers are the best friends of children

They are ideal companions for children of any age, especially if they are socialized and trained from puppies. They are characterized by being very calm and docile. They easily adapt to different family environments.

Golden Retrievers are obedient

They are smart and obedient

Golden Retrievers are pretty easy to train. The golden retriever is considered the fourth most intelligent dog breed. They can very easily express and communicate with humans – that is if you make efforts to understand them. They always know the mood of their owners, and will easily tell you what they need through body language – again only if you try and understand your pooch’s body language.

Golden Retrievers are apartment friendly

They can live in any condition

They adapt to any type of home be it an urban setting or village. However, you must ensure that your golden is not left alone at home for a long period of time. Goldens always like to be a part of the family because they are very attached to people and will consider your family as its own.

Golden Retrievers are playful and need outdoor exercise.

They are affectionate and very playful

It is an ideal dog breed to have at home because it is very loving and affectionate, and above all, it loves kids and is very tolerant of naughty children, as well as with older people. They are very playful, even when they are adults. They can play with the ball for many hours without showing fatigue.

Golden retrievers are therapy dogs

Golden Retrievers are Naturally Therapy Dogs

Besides being an excellent pet, they have skills as a service dog and therapy dog because they are patient, intelligent, and easy to train.

The golden retriever is a good option to have at home, because besides being one of the most beautiful dog breeds; They are adorable and intelligent and will fill your home with love and joy.

In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Golden Retriever, in our opinion, is the best dog breed in India especially for families living in apartments in an urban setting. However, like all dog breeds, you must know that there are a few challenges and basic requirements that you need to know before getting a golden retriever.

It may be a good idea to start with 17 Things to Know Before Buying a Golden Retriever.

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